taylorTaylor Hondos prides herself in being your average, everyday girl. Born and raised in North Carolina, she lives with her family and her miniature schnauzer, Blackie. She attends the University of North Carolina and is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English. When she isn’t writing, you can find her searching endlessly for new books to binge-read or watching Sex and the City. The idea for Antidote came to Taylor while she was watching I, Robot with her brother and had the sudden thought, what if I became a robot? Antidote takes place in a world where a mysterious disease called Dermadecatis causes those who contract it to rot from the inside out. The novel follows eighteen-year-old Lena Alona, whose father discovered Dermadecatis but died, taking whatever knowledge he had about the disease with him. Lena must find the cure for Dermadecatis before it has the opportunity to wipe out the human race. Antidote is her first novel.

A Note from Taylor:  Hello to all the readers out there, who stay up far past their bedtime to stay a second longer in their book realm. I am so happy to be working with Patchwork Press to republish my book, Antidote. It is the first book of The Antidote Trilogy and it is more than meets the eye. Not all lines are black and white. Not all evil means there isn’t a little bit of good in there. I have always been obsessed with why villains become just that, villains. It’s true that all of us have a little dark in us. When disease takes over the entire world, what becomes of those left of us? Do we run and hide? Or do we fight back? By any means possible; even mind control perhaps? I hope you check it out and find out what pushes humanity over the edge!

Thank you so much to Patchwork Press. I am so lucky to be a part of this group of authors.

Find Taylor online at taylorhondos.com

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