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Publish with Patchwork

If you are interested in simply having Patchwork Press publish or re-publish one of your titles, we offer publishing packages that will put our team at your disposal. For pricing, and complete details of what we offer, please visit out ‘Publishing Packages‘ page.

  • Submit a query letter in the BODY OF THE EMAIL with the subject line “QUERY for (Title), Publishing Package”
  • Include the first 2-3 chapters pasted below the query letter and, if available, a full synopsis.

*There are fees involved for this option,
but you will retain all rights and royalties
for your title. Please contact us for further

Have you already self-published a book but are unsatisfied with sales/media coverage, blurbs, or cover art? Check out our discounted publishing packages for published work to get a complete book facelift.

If you are only looking for assistance in certain areas of the publishing experience and prefer to work on your own, we also offer smaller scale services. Please visit our services page for more information.