Welcome to Day Two in our Valentine’s Day Blog series! Today we asked our others for their perfect book boyfriend and the date they would take them on!

Here are some of the answers we received:

Erica Crouch

Author of the Ignite Series, Madly, Deeply, and The Empath.


Perfect book boyfriend: Noah Freaking Shaw, from Michelle Hodkin’s Mara Dyer series. He’s just the right level of annoyingly frustrating for me, plus the whole animal-loving thing. And the Sea World stunt. 

Perfect date: I’d love it if he just let me explore those bookshelves of his. Or let me read his poetry. You know how I love poetry. And then maybe we’d go see a voodoo priest and I’d have to drink chicken’s blood or something; that seems to be the way he ends a date.

Kellie Sheridan

Author of the Hitchhiker’s Strain Series, Follow the White Rabbit, The Dancer and Four of a Kind Series.


Book boyfriend: Tarver from These Broken Stars

Perfect date: A picnic on an uninhabited planet, spending the night talking and admiring the stars. And if he wants to show them too me first hand on a space ship, even better!

Terra Harmony


Author of the Akasha Series, The Painted Maidens Series, and The Dreamer.

Book Boyfriend: Liam from The Painted Maidens Series

Perfect Date: Unfortunately, Liam can’t stray too far from home so we have few options; the beach, the bowling alley, or the forest. I would choose the forest but not for a simple picnic – we are going ziplining! What better way to see his realm than a canopy tour of the Vancouver forest? A little adrenaline, a lot of privacy (especially if we do stop for that picnic 200 feet above ground on a small platform), and close to nature. My perfect date!

Angela Myron


Author of Ennara and the Fallen Druid and Ennara and the Book of Shadows.

Book boyfriend:

Perfect date: I’d love to visit another planet with Gevin and his magical astrolabe.

Who is your perfect book boyfriend or girlfriend? What would be an epic date that they would take you on?

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