Hi everyone, Erica here! Today I get the pleasure of announcing a really exciting new feature coming from Patchwork Press! It’s called Pick Your Pages. Let me tell you a little bit about it…

Pick Your Pages was created with the intention of putting readers in the driving seat. At PWP, we’re strong believers in authors and readers controlling the content. We want to publish books authors love, and that readers WANT to read. (What a novel concept, huh?) And the best way to do that is to give readers a voice and really listen to what they’re saying they want to read.

The creation of PWP PYP (loving the symmetrical acronyms) came about when I couldn’t decide which of two works in progress I wanted to write next. I couldn’t decide between the two manuscripts because they both have something I want to write, and I’m equally excited about both projects! Offhandedly, I had said it’d be so much easier to just toss it to readers and write whatever book they were more excited to see. And then…hey…what if I actually just did that? It gives readers more control of the publishing process, and I can also keep everyone updated at the progress of the book. They’ll be there every step of the way because they helped launch the project and make it happen! It’s cool to get invested in a book before it’s even out, isn’t it?


So here’s how it all works…

With PYP, two titles will compete for your vote. You will see the covers of the two books — for the first time ever! You will also have access to the blurb and the first chapter of each project. Keep in mind these first chapters are SUPER EARLY versions of the draft, and they’re subject to change (as they go through extensive editing), but it’ll give you a basic idea of the voice/pacing/characters. Then, after you check out the cover, blurb, and first chapter, you’ll vote for which book you want to read most!


Shh, child. No worries. Both books competing in PYP will eventually be published, of course! Your vote will simply decide which book will hit shelves first. So the losing title will not go to die in that elephant graveyard in The Lion King. It’ll just be put in a drawer for a few months while the winning book is written and published. Then, expect to see that losing book — actually, I hate calling it a “losing book.” Let’s call it “the runner up book” — that runner up book shift to the “in production” phase of publishing!

Your vote for what book you want to see in print means a lot to us! We love getting readers more involved in the whole publishing process and introducing everyone to characters that we already love (even though they exist only in our heads…for now). And of course we want to publish books that people are excited for and waiting on pins and needles to read!

Let me know in the comments what you think about Patchwork Press’s new Pick Your Pages feature. And stay tuned, because the first PYP competition is coming up soon for two new adult titles that are in my publishing queue. If you’re part of my street team the OddSquad, you’ll be the first to see the books up for PYP!

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