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PWP First ReadersDo you read faster than you can get your hands on new books? Can you give constructive criticism? Do you love YA/NA books? Join our First Readers Program!

How does it work? Complete the form below. You will tell us about your preferences, availability and qualifications. Then you will be entered in our First Readers database and PWP authors will contact you directly.

Will I qualify? Probably not for every manuscript. PWP Authors will choose their own First Readers team for each book. But we are looking for a range of skills, experience, and backgrounds. Superfans, copy-editors, substantive editors, and avid readers should all apply!

How much time will it take? That is up to you!  If an author contacts you as a First Reader, they will let you know their expectations up front; the genre, the gist of the book, how long it is, a deadline of when they will need your feedback, and what kind of feedback they are looking for. Sometimes, the author might submit their story in smaller chunks as it becomes available.  You may choose to accept or decline each project.

What is in it for me? Unfortunately, there is no monetary compensation for the time you put into beta reading.  However, here at PWP – we treat our First Readers well! Every First Reader on the author’s team will receive an e-copy of the final book, and in some cases, the star First Reader may receive a print copy. Our First Readers will also have the first rights to book swag giveaways, special shout-outs if you own your own editing business or have your own reading blog, and have a chance to be featured in a ‘First Reader of the Year’ post. Stay tuned; as our First Readers Program develops, there will be more exciting rewards!


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2 Replies to “First Readers Program”

  1. I would LOVE to have the opportunity to be one of the advance readers! I also do a lot of reviews, etc, so I think I could be of some use promotional-wise as well.

    Emily Joyner

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