Big news! Patchwork Press would like to offer a big, warm welcome to Janna Jennings, the newest author to join our ranks. We first came into contact with Janna when she won a NanoWriMo giveaway hosted by Ravven.com to help her publish her first novel. From there, things got a little crazy, but you’ll be seeing a lot more Janna round Patchwork Press from here on out.

About the author: Janna is a Colorado based YA author who loves a good fairy tale.  She’s married to her own real life Prince Charming, and will usually admit to being mom of three, including her incorrigible middle child.

She has a good deal of education in subjects that are somehow not related to writing, which includes a Masters in Education.  Currently she teaches toddlers important life skills like which end of a spoon to use and that gluesticks are not for eating.  They lack a few things that make a good literary critic, but she loves her students all the same.

About the book: We know, we know… the big questions are all about Janna’s book. We can’t announce anything quite yet, but there’s a lot of news coming in the next month, so watch this space. For now, all we can say that Janna’s debut novel is a little bit Grimm 😉

Happy reading!!!

You can find Janna on her website, or on Twitter.