It’s time to get to know one of our newest authors! Say hello to Amy Sousa! You can learn more about Amy and her debut novel, Once Upon A Tear, on her website!

Q1: When did you first start writing, and who was your inspiration for getting your work out there?

A: I started writing very short stories when I was six year old, and would bring them to school to read them with my reading buddy. My biggest inspiration when I started sharing my work is definitely Meg Cabot because her books are what got me into reading non-stop!

Q2: What was the first piece of work you ever published for people to read? And what made you chose for that piece to be your first?

A: The first story that I ever posted online is called “Love Unexpected,” which was my Sims story that now resides on Wattpad. My first published work is “Once Upon A Tear,” which I just published this April! 

Q3: Which author or authoress do you consider your inspiration when you write?

A: I have so many! Meg Cabot is still a big one for me, but I love Rick Riordan as well.

Q4: What were your goals before you published your first book, and how have they changed since? Additionally, what current goals do you have as a female author?

A: I honestly didn’t have any big goals other than wanting to hold my own book in my hands, and have a few strangers buy my book! Now that it’s published, my goal is to keep writing whenever I can to keep publishing. I see a lot of female fantasy authors, but not many Latina’s, so it’d be cool if I could one day be recognized as ‘that Brazilian fantasy author.’

Q5: What is your go-to genre when you write?

A: Young adult fantasy for sure. I love epic fantasy, and have also started writing close to the urban fantasy genre, but I throw Greek mythology into the mix.

Q6: What is the genre you most like to read when you’re not writing?

A: I can’t get enough of Young adult fantasy, especially when it involves Greek mythology. I also love reading young adult romances, especially if there’s an adventure.

Q7: Do you have a set process when you write? If so, what is that process?

A: I have a pretty specific process depending on what I’m working on. I have set hours during the week dedicated to nothing but writing, or researching for my writing. I am a big plotter, so I do have the entire story mapped out before I fill in the chapters, mainly to avoid plot holes and inconsistencies. I don’t really know how to answer the question since there is so much involved in my process, but you can always ask me specifics!

Q8: What would be your advice for those looking to follow a process when writing?

A: Give everything a try and see what works best for you. Everyone is unique, so what might work for me or another author might be terrible for you. Don’t let that discourage you. When you find something that works, you’ll know because you will get a lot more writing done. Also try not to second guess yourself. If you write something that you really enjoy, but worry that people might find it stupid, don’t be afraid to take a chance because if you truly love it, odds are others will too.

Q9: What are your top three strengths you consider yourself to have as an author, and how do those strengths help combat any weaknesses you have?

A: Creativity is definitely my biggest strength. Sometimes I’ll dream about something that will turn into a story idea, and sometimes the ideas flow and make for a great story or just filling in the blanks. I also consider my characters to be relatable, because I include elements of my personality and those around me into my characters, and I feel like it helps readers connect with my books on a deeper level. Organization is a very big strength for me, which results in a lot of notes, but it helps during the editing process since I don’t run into many inconsistencies. A weakness is definitely me getting super attached to certain elements of my stories that just need to go, but my organization and creativity skills definitely help me make those changes and keep me inspired.

Q10: Name anything about yourself completely unrelated to writing, that no one knows about you that you’d love to share with the world!

A: I don’t think there’s something no one knows about me! I’m a very open person and have always been. I guess something a lot of people outside of my friends and family wouldn’t know is that I’m a big planner and budgeter. I take saving money very seriously, and I also like to plan everything (with multiple variations) long before I need to worry about things.

It’s an exciting day at Patchwork Press, we have not one but two highly anticipated releases to celebrate! First up, let’s check out The Aldar Dominion by Katherine Bogle!

The Aldar Dominion saved the world.The Aldar Dominion_cover only_no tagline.jpg

Then they damned it.

After solar flares decimated Earth’s population, the alien corporation gave humans a recipe for immortality and hope for the next generation. Cloning and the technology to transport consciousness from one body to another saved the human race from extinction. But the value of human life plummeted.

In an age when animal conservation no longer exists, Selene smuggles animals to safety. While fleeing Dominion drones during a mission gone wrong, Selene suffers a debilitating head injury. The pain unlocks memories from twenty lost years: stark labs and human experiments. These nightmares could hold the key to why natural-born human children are disappearing. But worse—they reveal a sinister plot centuries in the making.

Can Selene decipher her dreams in time to avoid enslavement to the aliens? Or will she witness the end of the human race?

Read the first book in the Dominion Rising series to find out!


Today, we’re very excited to help reveal the cover for Katherine Bogle’s upcoming release, Savages!


The cover was designed by Katherine Bogle! Incase you didn’t know, she has a design background, and has been loving making the covers for the Chronicles of Warshard!


Ten years before Queen Kadia decimated the six kingdoms of Warshard, her interest lay in the unborn child of a Seaburn savage.

Daughter of Chief Ruin, Breen is one of the most fearsome warriors in the Southern Delica savages-cover-onlyTribe, but nothing can stop the Emperor from reaping the Savage Lands for soldiers.

When her village is attacked, Breen is taken from her home and her family to the Seaburn Academy, where southern savages are broken and chained into a life of service to the Empire. Through the beatings and torture, Drakkone, one of the few Seaburn-born soldiers, brings solace to her days and gives her hope for the future.

Once freed of the Academy dungeons, Breen is sentenced to daily training between her plots for escape. But one night of unexpected passion turns into a problem bigger than either of them could have imagined.

Breen and Drakkone must risk capture and flee the city or death might be a blessing compared to eternal imprisonment.

Savages, the long awaited sequel to Haven, will be released April 4th, and is now available for pre-order!

Pre-order on Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, or Barnes & Noble

Add Savages on Goodreads!

Can’t wait to start reading?

Sign up for Katherine’s mailing list and get the first 3 chapters of Savages NOW!

Today we are beyond excited to welcome Amy Sousa to the Patchwork Press family. Amy has been telling awesome stories for a while now on Wattpad, and we’re so thrilled to be able to  help her share her stories with an even bigger audience moving forward! Welcome!

img_2773Amy is a Canadian YA Fantasy Author who grew up in Toronto. She is also an Honours Communication Studies student in her senior year of university. Amy started writing when she was 11 years old and posted her first story on the Sims Resource, and several years later discovered Wattpad. She has accumulated over 3 million online reads between all of her stories including Once Upon A Tear.  Her other hobbies include Greek mythology, makeup, and making stickers for her life planner. Amy also has a mild obsession with dogs and will ask anyone who has one if she can pet them.

A message from Amy: Hello! I’m Amy and I’m super excited to be a part of Patchwork Press! Writing is my biggest passion and my heart lies in the fantasy genre. I love creating new worlds and creatures, while incorporating existing ones. Once Upon A Tear was my first fantasy book and continues to be my most loved. I plan my stories as extensively as I plan out my days (I’m pretty much Monica from Friends when it comes to being a control freak). I really hope you love Once Upon A Tear even a fraction of how much I do!

Happy Friday! Today we’re getting to know Kellie Sheridan, author of The Hitchhiker Strain Series and co-founder of Patchwork Press, Weapenry and Write All Year!

25465318What was the first book you wrote? Published?

The first book I ever published was technically End Dayz, an ebook prequel to my first full novel, Mortality. I was definitely on a bit of a zombie kick back then!

Which author do you most look up to?

The authors I most look up to are those who dream big and take the time to try and make a difference within the publishing world. They may not be the authors that I read the most, but they’re absolutely the ones who have made the biggest difference in my life.

What is your ultimate goal as an author?

Ahhh, that’s hard! I guess to have a lifetime career in the publishing industry, both in putting out my own books and making a difference in the indie world. I may look into traditional publishing at some point just because I’d love to explore all corners of the publishing world, but anything there is more of a bonus where as indie publishing is really the goal.

Do you have any go to snacks while writing?kellie

I’m horrible with eating and writing at the same time. Either it’s too distracting, or my fingers get sticky, which is also too distracting. Basically I need to be in a bubble when I’m writing or I get distracted. Tea I can handle though!

If you couldn’t be an author, what would be your next choice for a dream job?

Adventurer! Is that a real job?

How long does it usually take you to write a book from plotting to publishing?

Ahhh, it vaires so much lately. I’ve done a book in six months, I’ve done a book in a year. It really depends how focused I am/how many other things are going on.

dustinTell us something fun about yourself, completely unrelated to writing!

In the past year or so I’ve achieved my dream of becoming a foster dog parent. We’ve had four pups stay in our house while they’ve been waiting to find their forever homes and it has been a great experience!

Learn more about Kellie online!



“In this form you shall remain until a princess shows no disdain.”

Long before Andi discovers Elorium, an orphan girl befriends an enchanted frog while her cursed stepsister plots revenge in a twist that can only transpire in a fairy tale.

This stand-alone prequel to the Grimm Tales follows Cynthia, Andi’s grandmother, who is dragged in to the palace’s circle of glitter and privilege by her stepmother. Lady Wellington’s obsessive quest for a crown for one of her daughters has ensnared Cynthia and her musical talent in her scheme. Cynthia turns the nightmarish concert into a gesture of true friendship in an attempt to reverse the curse of a frog prince.

Attempting to be invisible to her abusive stepfamily while sidestepping the arrogant prince, Cynthia searches for an understanding princess to change Remi back to his rightful form.

Things do not go as planned when Remi disappears, leaving their friendship in his wake. Meanwhile, the single-minded Prince Wilhelm is determined to make Cynthia his bride. With a cursed stepsister threatening to upend Cynthia’s delicately balanced situation, her time in Elorium is drawing to a close as revelations of who she is and the truth about their world comes to light in this reimagined fairy tale.


Today we’d like to wish the happiest of release days to A Grimm Curse by Janna Jennings! This is a companion novella to her wonderful Grimm Tales series that you can read either before or after jumping in with A Grimm Legacy, book one in the series. If you’re a fan of classic fairy tales, you won’t want to miss this wonderful new story!

Get the Books
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Last but not least, we’ve got the most recent addition to the Patchwork Press team. The ever wonderful, K.N. Lee will be joining our ranks! She is one of the most genuinely wonderful people and talented writers around and we know you’re going to love her (and her books!).

K.N. Lee is an award-winning author that resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. When she is not writing twisted tales, fantasy novels, and dark poetry, she does a great deal of traveling and promotes other authors. Wannabe rock-star, foreign language enthusiast, and anime geek, K.N. Lee also enjoys helping others reach their writing and publishing goals. She is a winner of the Elevate Lifestyle Top 30 Under 30 “Future Leaders of Charlotte” award for her success as a writer, business owner, and for community service.

A video hello from K.N. Lee…


Happy Valentine’s Day folks! Maybe you love all the candy and flowers or think it’s just another day, the feeling of love being all around us is a little inescapable around February. I’ve been getting in the mood by reading YA and looking back at all the couples in YA novels. Whether you’re reading a high fantasy or a contemporary set in a high school, there’s usually a romance somewhere in the pages.

For Valentine’s Day we thought we’d look into three classic YA romantic tropes and see what the pros and cons of each one might be!



What is it?

A love triangle is usually a romantic relationship involving three people (although sometimes more), in which one individual is torn between which love interest to choose.

Examples in YA?

Lena, Alex, and Julian (Delirium Series by Lauren Oliver)

America, Maxon, and Aspen (The Selection Series by Kiera Cass)

Juliette, Adam, and Warner (Shatter Me Series by Tahereh Mafi)

Thomas, Brenda, and Teresa (Maze Runner Series by James Dashner)

Alyssa, Jeb, and Morpheus (Splintered Series by A. G. Howard)

Katniss, Peeta and Gale (The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins)

Rho, Hysan and Mathias (Zodiac by Romina Russell)


Arguably the most overdone of the three examples here, I see love triangles get a lot of flack in YA reviews these days. The example list above could have been twice as long, but why are they so popular? They add conflict to a story, especially if both of the love interests are decent people that you can root for. The danger when writing a love triangle is that you might drag it out too long, or it only serves to make your main character seem like some uber desirable special snowflake. That’s when love squares, pentagons and dodecahedrons start to crop up, and you definitely want to avoid that! However, judging by the list above, they can work. There are some really good arguments in defence of the dreaded love triangle, and like most things that have a cliche element to them, the trick is to do them well, to do them differently.



What is it?

A relationship or feelings for another individual that is prohibited, by circumstances or by world-related taboos.

Examples in YA?

Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane, Jace and Clary (The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare)

Valek and Yelena (Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder)

Penemuel and Michael (Ignite Series by Erica Crouch)


I’m not going to lie: I’m a big fan of forbidden love. There’s something really good about the tension that is produced in a story where two people who want to be together, shouldn’t be together. There’s that undeniable pull between the characters and with that a whole heap of tension that makes a forbidden romance sizzle where others might not. People root for forbidden love because it symbolises something really beautiful rebelling against constraint. When it’s done well, it really works, but it can be horribly frustrating, as I’m sure anyone who has read The Mortal Instruments series can vouch for. There’s also the risk of a constant pull back and forth between no-we-musn’t and oh-what-the-heck-*kissing*. It’s important to know the difference between teasing a reader and torturing them.



What is it?

Instalove describes the quick and often unrealistic romantic attachment that two characters can have for one another.

Examples in YA?

Edward and Bella (Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer)

(I don’t have many examples, because I think Instalove is a fairly subjective topic. What I might consider ‘too fast’ might differ greatly from you!)


Instalove is a funny one; readers can accept super powers, and radioactive sea turtles, and one-eyed cyborg warriors out to harvest our spleens, but if two characters fall in love too quickly, it’s unbelievable. Why is this? Is it really that unrealistic that two teens would develop quick emotional attachments to one another? When we consider the raging minefield of hormones we all experience in our teenage years, I think we can all safely say, no, it’s not all that unrealistic. Our choices might be a little questionable too. Personally, I think the issue with instalove comes from the depth of that attachment. If the characters are saying wedding vows by the end of their first day together (and it isn’t somehow plot driven, like they have to because they’re on a planet where the unwed are incinerated), then there may be a problem. But Instalove can work, if you want it to. Be different!

For more YA Romance check out:

Kellie Sheridan’s discussion on romance in YA


Erica Crouch’s YA Romance series recommendations


Welcome to Day Two in our Valentine’s Day Blog series! Today we asked our others for their perfect book boyfriend and the date they would take them on!

Here are some of the answers we received:

Erica Crouch

Author of the Ignite Series, Madly, Deeply, and The Empath.


Perfect book boyfriend: Noah Freaking Shaw, from Michelle Hodkin’s Mara Dyer series. He’s just the right level of annoyingly frustrating for me, plus the whole animal-loving thing. And the Sea World stunt. 

Perfect date: I’d love it if he just let me explore those bookshelves of his. Or let me read his poetry. You know how I love poetry. And then maybe we’d go see a voodoo priest and I’d have to drink chicken’s blood or something; that seems to be the way he ends a date.

Kellie Sheridan

Author of the Hitchhiker’s Strain Series, Follow the White Rabbit, The Dancer and Four of a Kind Series.


Book boyfriend: Tarver from These Broken Stars

Perfect date: A picnic on an uninhabited planet, spending the night talking and admiring the stars. And if he wants to show them too me first hand on a space ship, even better!

Terra Harmony


Author of the Akasha Series, The Painted Maidens Series, and The Dreamer.

Book Boyfriend: Liam from The Painted Maidens Series

Perfect Date: Unfortunately, Liam can’t stray too far from home so we have few options; the beach, the bowling alley, or the forest. I would choose the forest but not for a simple picnic – we are going ziplining! What better way to see his realm than a canopy tour of the Vancouver forest? A little adrenaline, a lot of privacy (especially if we do stop for that picnic 200 feet above ground on a small platform), and close to nature. My perfect date!

Angela Myron


Author of Ennara and the Fallen Druid and Ennara and the Book of Shadows.

Book boyfriend:

Perfect date: I’d love to visit another planet with Gevin and his magical astrolabe.

Who is your perfect book boyfriend or girlfriend? What would be an epic date that they would take you on?


We have put together a unique Valentine’s Day Gift Guide inspired by the wonderful books published here at Patchwork Press.

We chose a wide range of gift ideas.These are fun and quirky gifts for anyone or really any holiday. For the most part these can be found on etsy and they are all pretty reasonably priced.

Ignite Series by Erica Crouch


Poetry Stockingil_570xN.550736557_7pel

Price: $24.90-$33.90 

Buy Link

Pen, the main character of the series, has an affinity for words, which makes these stockings an item she would adore. Also you can customize these to say whatever you want! Maybe even get a passage from the Ignite series with some of Erica’s beautiful writing.


 Infinity Angel Wing Necklace

Price: $42 

Buy Link

This necklace beautifully portray’s Michael and Pen’s relationship. We all ship that one! I love that it is simple and understated yet gorgeous. This is definitely something anyone would love. Dainty jewelry has been more trendy recently and would be a great Ignite inspired piece to wear.

Hitchhiker’s Strain Series by Kellie Sheridan 


Guitar Pick Bracelet  

il_570xN.461746186_9gqtPrice: $12.00 

Buy Link

Kellie Sheridan has written an action packed zombie series that any Walking Dead fan would love. When I found this bracelet I immediately thought of her books. This bracelet is fun and looks like it would be a great edition to any zombie killing wardrobe.

Zombie Gift Packil_570xN.676996530_d5mu

Price: $9.95

Buy Link

This gift set includes “zombie” soap, lip balm, and this cute draw string bag. It is an adorable quirky gift idea for the zombie fan you know. This packing makes this gift great and I think the characters of the Hitchhiker’s Strain series would have loved some zombie repellent!

Follow The White Rabbit by Kellie Sheridan


Drinkil_570xN.609531226_jdwf (1) Me Teacup and Saucer 

Price: $20.00

Buy Link

Kellie is an avid tea drinker and lover of Alice in Wonderland so we thought this teacup would be rather fitting for her Follow The White Rabbit series. This pretty teacup set would be perfect for fans of Alice in Wonderland or just enthusiastic tea drinkers. I need this cup in my life.

il_570xN.645387270_9g0xAlice In Wonderland Book Scarf

Price: $42

Buy Link

This scarf looks gorgeous. It has illustrations as well as excerpts from Alice in Wonderland. Beyond being the dream accessory for any book lover it would be a great edition to any outfit and could definitely be worn with a casual outfit or a more fancy look.

Four of a Kind by Kellie Sheridan



Four of A Kind Tank

Price: $14.99

Buy Link

Every time I hear this title I think of cards. I found the perfect tank for it. I think this is really cute and fun.

Madly, Deeply by Erica Crouch



Annabel Lee Nail Polish

Price: $10.00

Buy Link

This etsy shop makes literary inspired nail polish. This one has the same origin as Madly, Deeply and has a similar tone as well. Dark and stormy with a spark that you can’t resist.


Quote Art

Price: $10.00

Buy Link

This upcycled art work is beautiful. This one has a quote from Annabel Lee, which Madly, Deeply is based on. I love this quote and I think this is a wonderful gift for any Edgar Allan Poe lover.

Grimm Legacy by Janna Jennings

B1 Grimm Legacy

813szUtlZ3L._SL1411_Once Upon A Time Season 1 Blu Ray or DVD

Price: $20-35 

Buy Link

This show is great and a lover of fairytale retellings will adore it. Obviously if you have netflix or amazon instant video then buying the dvd set isn’t a great option. If the person doesn’t have those video subscriptions this is a nice gift because you can watch it together.


Vintage Fairytale book

Price: Not Available

This item in particular was sold on etsy but it is more the idea of it. I think it is really nice to get someone a vintage story book. Especially a children’s one because it can make people nostalgic. If you love fairy tale retellings it is really adorable to see the artwork in some of these older children’s books.

Water by Terra Harmony


il_570xN.268197439Four Elements Necklace

Price: $10.00

Buy Link

Terra Harmony’s Akasha series is based on the four elements and when I saw this necklace I knew it was perfect. It shows all of the four elements in not just the traditional sense. It is really pretty and has a cool design.


Four Elements Bath Salts

Price: $20.00

Buy Link

I love this idea of the bath salts for each element. Products like this can be something people don’t buy for themselves or forget to buy. I think this is a really nice gift and even fits really well with this series’ inspiration.

The Rising by Terra Harmony


Silveil_570xN.642622588_ox4s (1)r Shell Necklace

Price: $15.80

Buy Link

Terra Harmony’s The Rising features a mermaid and this dainty necklace is a perfect match for the book.

il_570xN.663793837_1dahCrescent Moon Necklace

Price: $15.80

Buy Link

The Rising also features werewolves. So what better represents a werewolf than the moon. What I love most about these two gifts for The Rising is that they could be worn together and look really great because gold and silver combined has been very popular.

Ennara and the Book of Shadows by Angela Myron


Goddess il_570xN.547201889_mmweDiana Cuff Bracelet

Price: $28

Buy Link

Since the Ennara series is fantasy, I was so excited when I found this bracelet. It screams fantasy to me. It has the intriguing mystery of fantasy as well as the beautiful elegance of the genre.

Dragon Ear Cuffil_570xN.467166974_1vmn

Price: $16.90

Buy Link

When I think fantasy I think dragons. This pick is based off the Ennara and the Book of Shadows cover. I think ear cuffs look wicked cool and are so fun to see. This one has glitter which doesn’t make it as scary and goes really well with the cover.

Puppet by Pauline Harris


Vintage Pinoil_570xN.346168773cchio Charm Bracelet

Price: $38

Buy Link

This charm bracelet is really cute and features all of the classic characters and scenes from the Pinocchio story. It is really quirky and interesting. Any Pinocchio lover will find this to be a wonderful gift.

downloadLittle Golden Book: Pinocchio

Price: $3.99

Buy Link

The Disney Little Golden Books are my childhood and I think that goes for a lot of people. Something like this can be really meaningful to someone and especially if they are a Pinocchio junkie.

I hope you enjoyed our Patchwork Press Valentine’s Day Gift Guide! This was definitely our quirky spin on the traditional Valentine’s day gift. We definitely hope to do more posts like this in the future.