Big announcement day! This one has been in the works for a long time and we couldn’t be more excited. For the first three years of our existence Patchwork Press focused on putting out great new titles in the middle grade, teen and new adult categories. But there are always more stories to be told, and as our authors grow and evolve, so will we! From here on out we’ll still be publishing the same great stories about younger characters, but now we’ll also be putting out adult titles as well.


And the best part of all of this is that you wont need to wait long for our first big release. An announcement is coming soon, but you can keep your eye out for our first adult title in September! (How is summer ending already?!). As always, thank you all for sticking with us this far, we’ve got a lot of great titles coming and we can’t wait to share them with all of you!

Pick Your Pages is a Patchwork Press feature that puts readers in control of the publishing process. With PWP PYP, two titles will compete for your vote. You’ll see the cover and have access to the first chapter. Both books will eventually be published, but your vote will decide which book hits shelves first. So take a look, read a sample, and pick your pages!


Today for Pick Your Pages, two of Erica Crouch‘s new adult novels will be competing for votes, both from very different genres: Mostly Marceline and Lovely Dark & Deep. Check out the blurbs below, and make sure to read the first chapter of each story before you vote. Then let me know which book you want to see published first! (Click the image above to see the covers BIGGER!)

About Mostly Marceline

PWP MMGenre: New Adult Contemporary/Romance


Marceline has this whole “adult” thing under control… mostly.

Even after carving out a decent career for herself as a young author, she still has trouble remembering to feed her cat—who she’s sure is plotting her death—pay her bills, do the dishes, or cook anything more complicated than pasta. But most unnervingly, Marceline is having trouble writing.

Just months after a catastrophic breakdown, Marceline’s not sure she’ll be able to put pen to paper again, and it terrifies her. Critics once called her writing dark, haunting, and poignant, but now they’re only wondering if she’ll publish anything else ever again, or if her previous successes were flukes.

Post-breakdown Marceline can’t seem to fit in the same headspace as pre-breakdown Marceline, and her awkward on-again/off-again relationship with her once serious boyfriend Cyrus isn’t helping to clear her mind, especially since he’s become more on-again as of late.

With a deadline looming and her apartment quickly turning in to a blanket fort kingdom of garbage, Marceline must let go of who she once was if there’s any hope of the new Marceline shining through the mess.

Read Chapter 1 of Mostly Marceline here.

About Lovely Dark & Deep

PWP LDDGenre: New Adult Dark Fantasy


Here’s a dilemma: how do you destroy a witch without incurring her wrath? Sending one into the wintry woods to die didn’t work. After all, the woods loves witches, and it loves silvirn even more.

Aysel was the first girl to disappear into the woods and become a silvirn, a siren of the forest. Luring hunters deep into the dark woods to die, her and her three adopted sisters are responsible for repaying nature for its shelter by protecting it from the greed of man. But before the hunters she catches are strung up in her tree, Aysel delights in syphoning their stories.

When she snares a victim that manages to hold her attention rapt with magnificent tales, she finds herself hesitant to tie the hunter’s noose. Her fascination with Cadence puts her life in peril, especially since he’s harboring a dangerous secret and Valeria, Aysel’s vengeful mother, grows hungry for flesh. With a kingdom hellbent on destroying magic and search parties rallying to find their missing hunters, the rope is tightening—for the first time—on Aysel’s neck.

Read Chapter 1 of Lovely Dark & Deep here.

Well, what do you think? Make sure to vote below to have your voice heard in deciding which book Erica will be writing next! If the poll isn’t working below, you can vote at this link. Voting will be open until 8/28. Let me know in the comments how you voted, and why!

Which pages are you picking?

Mostly Marceline
Lovely Dark & Deep

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About Erica Crouch

11412214_10203693908223186_8044098458315904319_nErica Crouch is a young adult and new adult author from Baltimore, Maryland. She has a strange blended aesthetic of cute and spooky, and her books reflect her ever changing mood. (You may find romance, you may find gore—sometimes both in the same book, but probably not at the same time. Probably.)

Erica is the cofounder of Patchwork Press — an indie publishing collective that produces middle grade, young adult, and new adult titles in all genres — and Weapenry — a resource for writers. She is the head of editorial services and design, with over fifty projects to her name.

Hi everyone, Erica here! Today I get the pleasure of announcing a really exciting new feature coming from Patchwork Press! It’s called Pick Your Pages. Let me tell you a little bit about it…

Pick Your Pages was created with the intention of putting readers in the driving seat. At PWP, we’re strong believers in authors and readers controlling the content. We want to publish books authors love, and that readers WANT to read. (What a novel concept, huh?) And the best way to do that is to give readers a voice and really listen to what they’re saying they want to read.

The creation of PWP PYP (loving the symmetrical acronyms) came about when I couldn’t decide which of two works in progress I wanted to write next. I couldn’t decide between the two manuscripts because they both have something I want to write, and I’m equally excited about both projects! Offhandedly, I had said it’d be so much easier to just toss it to readers and write whatever book they were more excited to see. And then…hey…what if I actually just did that? It gives readers more control of the publishing process, and I can also keep everyone updated at the progress of the book. They’ll be there every step of the way because they helped launch the project and make it happen! It’s cool to get invested in a book before it’s even out, isn’t it?


So here’s how it all works…

With PYP, two titles will compete for your vote. You will see the covers of the two books — for the first time ever! You will also have access to the blurb and the first chapter of each project. Keep in mind these first chapters are SUPER EARLY versions of the draft, and they’re subject to change (as they go through extensive editing), but it’ll give you a basic idea of the voice/pacing/characters. Then, after you check out the cover, blurb, and first chapter, you’ll vote for which book you want to read most!


Shh, child. No worries. Both books competing in PYP will eventually be published, of course! Your vote will simply decide which book will hit shelves first. So the losing title will not go to die in that elephant graveyard in The Lion King. It’ll just be put in a drawer for a few months while the winning book is written and published. Then, expect to see that losing book — actually, I hate calling it a “losing book.” Let’s call it “the runner up book” — that runner up book shift to the “in production” phase of publishing!

Your vote for what book you want to see in print means a lot to us! We love getting readers more involved in the whole publishing process and introducing everyone to characters that we already love (even though they exist only in our heads…for now). And of course we want to publish books that people are excited for and waiting on pins and needles to read!

Let me know in the comments what you think about Patchwork Press’s new Pick Your Pages feature. And stay tuned, because the first PYP competition is coming up soon for two new adult titles that are in my publishing queue. If you’re part of my street team the OddSquad, you’ll be the first to see the books up for PYP!

We are beyond excited to announce a new addition to the Patchwork Press family! Erin Latimer (or E. Latimer as her many fans know her) is a Wattpad superstar, one of the WordNerds along with Kellie and Erica, and all in all, a perfect addition to the Patchwork Press family. Erin’s first book with Patchwork Press will be coming out later this year, but if you can’t wait for a peek, be sure to check her out on Wattpad.

A note from Erin

“I`m so excited to make this announcement. And proud. And excited. Okay, mostly excited. I`m so happy to be joining the ladies at Patchwork Press and I look forward to working with them on the launch of the FROST series.

The book started out online, born from a simple question of “What would you like to read next?” propelled by reader`s speculation and suggestions all the while I was writing it. So it only makes sense that it would be championed by a press that is run by readers and writers. By a community.

With the upcoming launch, and the support of Patchwork Press, I hope to expand my community even more.”

colour 27About Erin

Erin Latimer is a young adult fantasy writer who currently resides in Vancouver, BC. She writes books, makes silly vlogs about writing with the YA WordNerds, and reads excessively.

She has had an article featured in Chicken Soup For the Soul, and another in the Dear Teen Me online anthology. But mostly she writes about murderous queens and the magical teens who fight them.


Website – Twitter – Facebook Page – WattPad

Since the release of Patchwork Press‘s first anthology (The Lost Locket of Lahari), we’ve been talking about the next anthology and how great it’s going to be. We’ve been pretty tight-lipped on the details, only revealing small facts like the theme — CONSTELLATIONS! — and the genre — YOUNG ADULT SCIENCE FICTION! — but everything else? A mystery. But no longer!

Today, we are revealing the title, the authors involved, the constellations the stories are inspired by, and the mythology behind each star cluster. We’ll begin with the title reveal. Drumroll please…


Polaris Awakening is the title of the newest Patchwork Press anthology! Each of the seven stories in the anthology take place aboard the space station of Polaris. The station of Polaris is the brightest star in the galaxy, with it’s shining technology and renowned space academy. But not everything on Polaris is perfect — there’s a tilt of balance in social classes, and those below are beginning to awaken to the injustice of their leaders. A rebellion is thrumming through the ship, and the characters of each story all play a part in the ripple of discontent.

There are seven stories contributing to the anthology. And our authors (in order of appearance) are: Kellie Sheridan, Erin Latimer, Erica Crouch, Janna Jennings, Hannah Davies, Terra Harmony, and Meghan Jashinsky.


Kellie Sheridan‘s story will not only open the anthology, but it will be peppered throughout the anthology, interspersed between the other pieces. Kellie’s story doesn’t focus on one particular constellation or origin myth, but rather she is writing as the embodiment of Zeus (you know, Mr. Lightning Bolt, the Big Guy in the Sky). Zeus is personified as the supercomputer operating Polaris, and he’s more aware than you’d expect, which could lead to some danger for our characters…


After Kellie Sheridan’s introduction, we have our first full story from Erin Latimer. Erin’s story centers around the constellation Ophiuchus. The constellation represents the god Apollo struggling with the huge snake that guards the Oracle of Delphi. After Apollo slew the snake, he was ordered by Zeus to host the Pythian Games as a form of penance.


Next up is Erica Crouch with her story based on the constellation Lyra. In the original myth, Orpheus — a musician with almost supernatural talent — falls in love with Eurydice. But their love is doomed, and Eurydice dies, stolen away to the Underworld by Hades. When Hades hears Orpheus’s mournful music, he strikes a bargain: Orpheus will be returned his love if he continues playing his music. Eurydice will follow him from the Underworld, but if Orpheus doesn’t trust Hades and turns around to check that Eurydice is still with him, he will lose her forever. The deal is made, and Orpheus plays his lyre, but when he walks over pine needles and can no longer hear Eurydice’s footsteps, he turns around and Eurydice fades away, gone forever.


Following Erica’s piece is Janna Jennings‘s story of the constellation Gemini. The Gemini twins, Castor and Pollux, were both born from Leda, the Queen of Sparta. Their sister is Helen of Troy and there are several myths about them, including sailing with Jason and the Argonauts to find the golden fleece and fighting in the Trojan War to bring their sister Helen home. Castor is a renowned horseman, and Pollux is a great boxer.


Then we have Hannah Davies‘s story, inspired by the constellation Scorpio. Scorpio has a few different mythologies to chose from, but the one Hannah chose was a story about Orion and Artemis. Orion boasted that he was the greatest hunter in all the land and could kill any animal. Artemis — Goddess of hunting and also protector of beasts — sent a scorpion after Orion to defeat him. The scorpion stung Orion’s ankle, killing him. Zeus was impressed by the scorpion, so he made a constellation for it. In the sky, the scorpion is at the opposite side of the horizon to Orion to keep them apart.


Terra Harmony‘s story follows next, and she was inspired by the constellation Virgo. Persephone, beautiful daughter of Zeus and Demeter, is tricked by Hades who carries her off to the underworld to be his wife. Her mother was so upset by this, she completely neglected her duties as goddess of agriculture, and famine spread over the entire world. The solution was for Persephone should be with her mother for half the year, and go to the underworld with Hades for the other half of the year. When Persephone is gone, agriculture essentially dies until she returns again six months later.


And finally, to close the anthology we have a story from Meghan Jashinsky, based on the constellation Taurus. From the Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh, the goddess Ishtar sends Taurus to kill Gilgamesh because he spurned her. In the sky, this is why the constellation Taurus seems to be facing off with Orion (who is representative of Gilgamesh).

Patchwork Press’s Polaris Awakening is going to be a whirlwind of a read! With so many spectacular myths interpreted into the science fiction world by an array of talented authors — all with strong, unique voices — we’re readying for an epic read. You can expect the cover reveal in March, and trust us, you won’t want to miss it! The release day is scheduled for April 28th, one day before Patchwork Press’s second birthday! So let us know…

Tweet us @Patchwork_Press!


If you’re not on Reddit’s YAWriters thread, you might want to jump on there soon! This Monday, November 17, Patchwork Press founders Kellie Sheridan and Erica Crouch will be doing an AMA on the subreddit YAwriters!


So what exactly is an AMA? An AMA is an Ask MAnything — or in this case, an Ask “Us” Anything! We’ll be answering whatever questions you have about Patchwork Press, our authors, and our titles. So make sure to think of some questions and pop over on the YAwriters forum sometime Monday, and we’ll be there to answer your questions as best we can.

Can’t wait to talk to you guys! 😀

— Kellie & Erica

EnticeTitle: Entice
Series: Ignite, Book 1.5
More in the series: Ignite (Book 1), Incite (Book 2)
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Action
Published: November 19, 2013
Formats: ebook

Add on GoodReads.

With the aftertaste of Heaven still strong, Pen and Azael cloak themselves in their new demonic destinies, fighting for Lucifer against the angels. Pen, warring against former friends turned vengeful enemies, still struggles with defecting to Hell. But in one short battle, they go from forgotten to famous, thrust into the spotlight where she has no room for uncertainty.

Suddenly top-tiered demons, they’re tasked with seeing through hell’s new agenda: corrupting man. But tarnishing Eden isn’t as simple as they thought it would be, especially when they’re forced to work with another team of demons who are trying to claw their way up the ladder of power.

Entice is an e-novella that prequels Pen and Azael’s story in Ignite.

We love free books, don’t you? You can now read Erica Crouch’s Entice for free — from Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribd, and Inktera. As soon as Amazon catches up with price matching, you’ll also be able to read Entice on your Kindle. Link coming soon!

If you would prefer to read it in another format, though, you can read Entice on Wattpad and follow Erica for bonus content!



The big day is finally here! Patchwork Press is officially one year old! It’s teething on those little plastic toys that kids always slobber over, throwing its food on the wall, generally behaving like an oversugared, overstimulated child. Who gave PWP cake?! JANNA WAS IT YOU?! Thank you so much to everyone who has participated in all of our celebrations this week, and who has cheered us on since the very beginning. We couldn’t have done it without you. (No, really. We couldn’t have.)

And now, a letter from the PWP cofounders, Kellie & Erica…

I remember emailing back and forth with Erica (wow, how many emails do you think we’ve sent each other in the past year? It’s probably a pretty staggering amount) about what we’d call ourselves. We were both pretty stumped for ideas at first, but I eventually sent her a list of just off the cuff ideas, including Patchwork Press*. She emailed back asking if I’d starred PWP because it was my favorite idea, because it was definitely hers. The star had actually been for something completely different, but the idea stuck anyway because it was just too perfect. We wanted to create a place to publish fantastic YA books, that combined the strengths of multiple authors, utilizing the benefits of traditional publishing along with the freedom of independent publishing. We were a little bit of everything… a patchwork press. Kellie

This past year has been one of the craziest, most exciting, stressfully-awesome year ever. (And Kellie, I just checked — we’ve sent about 500 in the last month, a slow month really, and if we extrapolate from there… Yeah. A lot.) Like Kellie said, when we started Patchwork Press, we had no idea just who we were going to be. We had an idea about what we wanted to be… but a ton of names were thrown around. In fact, I just got an email from tumblr today saying that one of the blogs I created (with a previously considered name) and never used had just turned one. I’m glad we decided on PWP, and I’m glad we’ve slowly made all of our publishing dreams come to fruition. We’re going international with titles we’re proud of. We have authors who are genuine and engaging, amazingly impassioned readers and incredibly thoughtful bloggers… And our upcoming projects are unique and exciting! (Really — I can’t wait to read them all! Or, in some cases, write them.) It’s gone better than I could have imagined. I hope the next year here at PWP is just as successful as the last and we continue to work the many talented authors and bloggers we’ve come to know. Thanks for a great year, and here’s to the many to come! Erica

Really, from the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank everyone for what a great year we’ve had. Whether you’ve just picked up your first Patchwork Press title this morning, or were around right at the beginning when we were rolling out some of our first titles — thank you.

As you could tell from all of our birthday posts, we have a lot of really exciting things coming up in our future, and you’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg! For now, take a look at our current list of books on GoodReads, connect with our authors, and follow us on our wild ride.

Don’t forget about all of this week’s fantastic giveaways. You still have time to enter for a chance to win some of our amazing prizes (including some of PWP’s own titles… who doesn’t love free books?!)!

terra janna kellie erica anthology ruth

woman reading33% of U.S. high school graduates will never read a book after high school, and 42% of college students will never read another book after they graduate. 80% of U.S. households did not buy a book this year.*

The human race loves stories and we love learning – it is part of who we are. So why the terrible statistics in reading? There is a myriad of reasons why some people just don’t read; we’ve all heard them:

  • There isn’t enough time in the day
  • I am just too tired by the time I have a chance to sit down and read
  • For me reading is too much of a chore and not enough of a pleasure

But what if instead of reading with our eyes, we were encouraged to read with our ears? Audiobooks should be considered the equivalent of reading and afforded the same respect. People have listened to stories far longer than we’ve been reading them (some 100,000 years longer, in fact). To some extent, our brains may be hard-wired to process audio easier than written text.

So are audiobooks for you? Here are some reasons to consider that you should try them out:

1 – Audio books are hands-free. Working on something else with your hands? Arthritis? Breastfeeding? Are you a one-armed pirate? Whatever the reason you can’t hold a book or even an e-reader, audio books solve that problem.

2 – Audio books allow you to multi-task. Listen up busy bodies – this one is for you. Start up that audio book while you are cleaning, cooking, working out, or whatever. ‘No time’ is no longer an excuse.

3 – Audio books are for commuters. Driving, bussing, biking, walking – however you get to where you are going, an audio book will help pass the time. The best part is, no one has to know which book you are currently reading (ahem – erotica readers).

4 – Audio books are a wonderful alternative for those with visual impairments. We aren’t just talking blindness – we are talking eye-tracking problems, dyslexia, phonemic awareness, and other processing issues.  Did you know 15% of the U.S. has a reading disorder, and 50% of NASA employees have dyslexia?

water audio on amazonThere are some downsides to audio books. One that I consistently hear about (and complain about myself) is the cost. Case in point, the first e-book of my Akasha Series, ‘Water‘ is free. The audio equivalent is $17.95 on Amazon. Ack! However, Audible (Amazon’s audio book company) does a good job of offering deals. New members start out with one free book, then get one book for $14.95 every month. Granted, it is a far cry from free, but it may be worth saving a little time, and entertaining yourself on the road or while you do chores.

Look into the program, and start listening!  Click here to listen to a sample of ‘Water, Book One of the Akasha Series’ and let me know what you think!

*statistics found on and applies to U.S. households only