Another year with Patchwork Press has come and gone, adding new authors and new books to our roster. It has been a great year, so we very much wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for continuing to spend time with us, read with us and love books with us! Here’s to another great year with all of you.

You guys are the best!

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Today we’re introducing the newest member of the Patchwork Press team, the one and only Laurie Starkey who will be writing under many, many pen names and producing more books than seems possible. She’s going to help us do really amazing things here at Patchwork Press, and you’ll absolutely want to keep an eye out for her. Her next book comes out on Thursday!

First, can you introduce yourself and your books to the Patchwork Press readers?

deceivedHi everyone!

I’m Laurie Starkey, or L.A. Starkey or Kate Thomas. I write under a few pen names mostly to seperate for my readers the time of adventure they’re hoping to dive into and keep them out of the ones they aren’t interested in. I write middle grade (MG) and young adult (YA) under L.A. Starkey and New Adult (NA) and some Adult under Kate Thomas. My current series include the Soul Keeper Series (YA), of which Deceived, Book I and Destroyed, Book II are out and available on Amazon. Descent, Book III in the series was wrapped up a few days ago and will be headed to my editor shortly. 

I have the Liarus Detective Series, a hardy boys meets teen wolf series for middle grade peeps that will be mostly from a male POV. Howl at the Moon is the first one in that series and it should release at the end of February. Good to the Last Drop will be book two and it will come out later this year. I plan on writing one more in that series in 2015 and promised my 9 year old son that he can pick the paranormal creature!

Did I mention that almost everything I write is paranormal?

Lastly, my New Adult series under Kate Thomas, entitled Equilibrium has it’s first book, “The Core” coming out at the end of February and hopefully three more of the remaining four in the series coming out this year. The cover model for that series is my best friend, so that’s been a total blast. Then I’ll be working on my Resounding Series, something I’ve been wanting to do SO BAD for a really long time. It’s an 8 book Adult series that splits the stage between werewolves, vamps, hunters and demons.

I’ll leave it at that. If you want to see the full spectrum, check out my 2015 Write. Publish. Repeat. Schedule –

1.     When did you find your love for writing?

 I’ve honestly never enjoyed english or writing, but have LOVED reading since I came out of the womb. I used to read 5-10 books a week as a kid and into my early adulthood. LOVE THEM. I realized a few years ago that I’d read so much that challenging myself to put all I’d studied (not knowing it) to the test would be a great experiment. Could I write? I’d be a technical writer for various corporations writing dry accounting policy and documentation memos, but could I write fiction? I sat down and a few weeks later had Deceived and after that, it became an addiction. It’s about creating an experience for people and if writing is the vehicle to get there – I’m in. 

2.     What inspires you to write or has inspired your writing?

 Life in general. I watch the people in my life and am fueled forward by their humor and love. I’m inspired by the ambition of others and the willingness to push through whatever barriers might be in front of them. I live my life that way, and so I’ve studied how to be a better writer and I’ve allowed myself to dream big, which opens the floor gates to a rediculous amount of characters and scenarios. Or maybe I have Multiple Personality Disorder – which is just fine. It’s working whatever it is. 🙂

3.     I know you write MG, YA, and NA; so what is it about those genres that you love?

 YA has always been my favorite and I’ve read for years. I love the idea of a good story with little cursing and no explicit sex, though neither really bother me when they add to the story, but I find they rarely do. MG was done for my son honestly and when I decided to write it, the characters grabbed my thoughts and took off. It was shorter than what I’m used to, a brilliant adventure for me as a ready and that little man LOVES it, so mission accomplished. Lastly, NA and even Adult are a space I’m truely thrilled to move into because I do want to write more complex theme’s, scenarios and situations and I’ve found that my audience is mostly women from 23-65, so moving into that space while maintaining the others just makes sense. 

4.     All writers are readers; what are some of your favorite books?

 I haven’t read fiction in a while I’m sad to say, but my FAVORITE books growing up were the Vampire Diaries, The Fear Street Series, and now I love the Black Dagger Brotherhood, the Fallen Series, anything Fae or vampire – I’m IN.

5.     I heard from a little birdie (shhh Kellie Sheridan shhh) that you have an insane number of books being released this year. Can you share your magic? Any tips for being a more prolific writer?

You bet. I’m actually going to podcast on this – later this year if I can prove to myself that my schedule is adhered to. I’ll be wondering what I did if I can produce the 10-18 books I’m looking at writing this year, while doing 10,000 other things. 

Advice – In that first draft, and that’s where the speed happens, find someplace that’s yours, even if it’s the 4th table at Starbucks and TURN OFF your social media. Flip that phone over and tell your important peeps that you’re off to the moon and not to bother you, then just let the story go. You have an idea in your head and know a few of the characters, so start with them. 

You know what I do? I dive into the story. I am Samantha (from Deceived) and everything she does or sees – I show you, my reader. I write fast becuase I live it while I’m going and it’s too fun when you get rolling not to pound it out to see where YOU’RE going! 

On a practical level – if you type slow, you need to take a course on speed typing. I can write 3000-3500 words per hour in a story and that’s not all typing, so we’re talking a chapter and hour, which isn’t bad. I won’t go into the loads of alcohol my poor editor probably needs when she gets my first draft, but I’ll just defer to the fact that I am a MATHMATICIAN. 🙂

6.     What advice would you give for anyone who want to some day publish?

 Do it. Start researching the ins and outs of publishing and start working to build a platform through blogging and interacting with people in a way that is comfortable and authentic to you. Keep writing those books and when you get ready to publish, find someone (like me – or Kellie) who loves the idea of paying it forward and have the knowledge/experience of being where you want to go, and then reach out to us. 

7.     Can you give us any details on any of your projects to be released with Patchwork Press?

 I’m actually releasing all of my NA Equilibrium Series through PWP and am not entirely sure about the rest. I have my current YA series with BookTrope and plan to keep that and my MG with them, but I’m leaning toward putting some of the standalone YA with PWP as well. Should be a great year. 

 Fun This or That (or both) There is always the option of neither as well.

Coffee or Tea Coffee, all the way. 

TV Show or Movies Movies, but only on occasion. 

Twitter or Facebook Twitter. 140 characters is all I want to know or tell!

Pepsi or Coke Coke – why isn’t Mt. Dew a choice? 😛

Fantasy/SciFi or Contemporary – Fantasy/Sci-fi, but really Paranormal!!!

Morning person or night owl – Neither. I love sleep. You better catch me at noon. 

ebook or print book – Print!

chocolate or vanilla –  Chocolate x 10

Italian food or Chinese food – MMMMMM Italian

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

laurieL.A. Starkey is the author of the Soul Keeper Series, a supernatural young adult series, and The Liarus Detective Series, a supernatural middle grade series.

She is a CPA by trade, a church planter and entrepreneur at heart; however, writing and reading are passions she just can’t help but indulge in. With more ideas than one person should be allowed, she is blessed to have a muse that doesn’t seem to take a vacation and more energy that one might consider healthy.

She writes under the following pen names:
Kate Thomas – NA/Adult Paranormal
Isabella James – Sci-fi/Fantasy
Lauren Elizabeth – Adult Contemporary Romance

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The Lost Locket of Lahari v2


The amazing authors here at Patchwork Press published the first ever Patchwork Press anthology!


Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks

Book Description:

In a dusty, dilapidated stall tucked away in an alcove of a bustling Bazaar in India, a man with a rickety spine and a spindly beard bends over his work bench, forging a locket with accidental magic. There’s power in a wish, and there’s nothing he wants more than for his children to return home. The locket was intricately crafted, adorned with one dragonfly for each of his children—and the power to find them.

With the guidance of fate, the locket skips through time and journeys across oceans, traveling from person to person in a constant search for the souls whispered into its vessel. Centuries after the magical old man in the Bazaar became near-forgotten myth and whispered legend, the locket has fallen into the hands of those with echoes of the six dragonflies: the seeker, the empath, the dreamer, the confidant, the adventurer, and the dancer.

In the hands of its new owners, the power of the locket adapts, bending and remaking itself to answer need. While the locket never found the children of Lahari, it found the next best thing… Their spirits.

The six novellas of the Lost Locket of Lahari anthology pause a moment in time when the locket finds the ripples of its ancestry. From the Victorian-era to the Roaring Twenties, the 1940s, the modern day and beyond, this anthology is a collection of stories as dynamic as the authors themselves.


Instead of our usual blogtour we wanted to do something more interactive. So the first ever Patchwork Press Scavenger Hunt was born.

What is it?

Everyday for the next two weeks we will be revealing a letter. These reveals will be on fun blog posts about the anthology, pinterest, instagram, and twitter. What will these letters spell out? The theme of our next anthology. Find all of the letters and unscramble the word and you have exclusive information before we even reveal it officially.

When will it be?

There will be 14 posts. Two weeks of hunting!!

What do I do?

Go to each post and collect the letters and read all of the fun posts.

How do I find every post?

No need to worry, we will tweet each post on the official @patchwork_press twitter. The master key of all the posts in case you miss any will be right here.



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Today we have a BIG annoucement. Big, big, big! Are you ready? Probably, seeing as you’ve read the header by now. Patchwork Press is adding a new (and absolutely fantastic) author to our ranks. Leigh Ann Kopans is a YA author who has already published a fantasy duology (One, and Two) as well as a contemporary YA novel, Solving for Ex, whose companion, First World Problems comes out later this year.

We’ll have more from Leigh Ann a little later on, but for now we just wanted to introduce her to all of our beautiful readers, and to give all of you the chance to get to know her books.


Get to know Leigh Ann
On her website
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