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The Scarlett Legacy (Woodland Creek)

The Scarlett Legacy, Woodland Creek

Published: November 15th, 2015

Formats: Paperback, ebook, audiobook


Wizards. Shifters. Sexy mobsters with magic.

Welcome to Woodland Creek, where one family of wizards gives new meaning to organized crime.

Evie Scarlett is a young prophet who yearns for an escape from her family’s bitter rivalry with another crime family. But this time she may be the only one who can save them.

The arrival of Avalon Prince brings a century-old feud to a dangerous climax. Scottish Old-World magic, mixed with a dangerous obsession with Evie and a sinister plot for revenge threatens to bring the Scarlett family to its demise.

Evie always knew that evil was coming to Woodland Creek. She just never expected to be so attracted to him.

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