IgniteIgnite, Book 1 in the Ignite series by Erica Crouch.

Published: June 11, 2013

Formats: Print, ebook


Evil exists in everyone, even angels. At least that’s what sixteen-year-old fallen angel Penemuel (Pen) believes. Her veins froze with the ice of Hell long ago, but there are still days when she questions her decision to follow her twin brother, Azael, to Hell. He’s been perfectly comfortable since he’s fallen, so why hasn’t Pen been able to completely let go of the light?

It becomes even harder for Pen to ignore how out of place she feels amongst the demons when she and Azael come across the resurrected archangel Michael. Michael’s return means trouble, and not only for Pen. His presence tips the balance of the worlds and the future begins to disappear. Fates erase and are left unwritten as Hell prepares for war on Heaven.

Pen separates from her brother so she can keep an eye on the former archangel as Azael works to spread a demonic virus. On her own, she finds herself growing closer to Michael and questioning her complacency in Hell. For the first time in her life, she is not controlled by fate and is unwilling to fulfill her destiny as a demon. Challenging Hell will pit her against her brother, who grows darker and more powerful each passing day. Azael will not let Pen defect so easily, but she is determined to write her own fate, no matter the cost.

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What book bloggers are saying about Ignite.

“There is no denying that the plot to Ignite is relatively complex, and Erica Crouch does not offer her reader all the answers to the angel/demon, good vs evil debate, but this book is so well composed and the discussions meticulously formed that I found it impossible not to become completely involved in the story. Pen is one of the most extraordinary characters I feel a reader will meet in contemporary fiction.”
— All In One, 5 Star Review

“You know when you pick up a book, and from the first letter of the first word, of the first sentence, of the first paragraph, of the first page, you are completely sucked into the world the author has created? I, for one, love those books, and I am happy to say that Ignite fits the description perfectly.” — Delicate Eternity, 5 Star Review

Ignite is fascinating in its story and exquisite in its rendering. I loved every moment! There are many details in this story and many, many lovely words.” — Bookworm Brandee, 5 Star Review

“… I loved Ignite. For many reasons really, mostly though, because of the depth of the writing. The heart of the book, and Pen’s surprising one, that though it’s the usual Heaven vs Hell debate, and a star-crossed love story, it’s also a journey and observation of someone discovering both oneself, and in what was lost… Beyond recommended this, for the thoughtfulness and questions it invokes.” — Studio Reads, 4.5 Star Review

Ignite started strong and ended even stronger. I will definitely be back for the second installment.” — Bookish Owl, 4 Star Review