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Grimm Memories

Grimm Memories, Book 2 in the Grimm Tales series by Janna JenningsGrimm Memories By Janna Jennings

Published: October 26 2014

Formats: Print, ebook

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It has been six months since Quinn and her friends returned home after barely escaping Elorium—but no one ever really leaves the world where fairy tales are born. Not a day has gone by where they haven’t thought about returning to save Jack. Even their dreams are urging them to return to the strange world.

Falling back into the fairy tale world, they find the situation even more dire than the way they left it. Jack has disappeared, and he’s not the only one. Elorium’s citizens are near panic as characters are missing and rumors are spreading about massive creatures roaming the sky. A rising darkness is enslaving the dreamers, and in a land filled with water nymphs and malevolent mazes, it’s hard to find any allies.

Despite the risks of their rescue mission, Fredrick is determined to bring back his grandfather, no matter how personal the cost.

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