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A Grimm Legacy

A Grimm Legacy

A Grimm Legacy, Book 1 in the Grimm Legacy series by Janna Jennings.

Published: October 1, 2013

Formats: Print, ebook


The woods of Elorium appear ordinary, at least until elves appear and the birds start talking. Four teenagers, whisked out of their own world, find themselves as the reluctant guests of the strange and secretive millionaire, Mr. Jackson—a man who knows the secrets of their families’ histories as well as the way back home. But nothing comes without a price.

Mr. Jackson’s mother is dying and the only cure is in the hands of a giant barricaded on a floating island. Unable to retrieve it himself, Mr. Jackson strikes a deal with the teens: steal the antidote and in return receive the key back to their world.

Caught in Grimm’s fairy tales with characters short on whimsy and bent towards treachery, the teens begin a race against time. Without any other way home, they are forced into fairy tale roles that may not lead to a happily ever after.

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