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The Painted Maidens, by Terra Harmony

The Rising (Book 1)

The Betrayed (Book 2)

The Hitchhiker Strain Series, by Kellie Sheridan

End Dayz (Book 0.5)

Mortality (Book 2)

Duality (Book 3)

Beautiful Madness Series, by Kellie Sheridan

Follow the White Rabbit (Book 1)

Awake and Dreaming (Book 2)

Tea for Twenty-Three (Book 3)

Painting the Roses Red (Book 4)

The Looking Glass Girls (Book 5)

Ignite Series, by Erica Crouch

Ignite (Book 1)

Entice (Book 1.5)

Incite (Book 2)

Engage (Book 2.5)

Infinite (Book 3)

A Grimm Legacy Series, by Janna Jennings

A Grimm Legacy (Book 1)

The Akasha Series, by Terra Harmony

Water (Book 1)

Air (Book 2)

Fire (Book 3)

Earth (Book 4)

Goddess of War Trilogy by K. N. Lee

Goddess of War (Book 1)

Goddess of Peace (Book 2)

Madly, Deeply, by Erica Crouch


Antidote, by Taylor Hondos


The Scarlett Legacy by K. N. Lee