More exciting birthday news! Except, this time it isn’t PWP’s birthday that we’re excited about! We’ve launched a new project–because shared birthdays are awesome! We’d like to formerly introduce you to… Weapenry, our non-fiction arm dedicated to all things writing, publishing and marketing.

Co-founders Kellie Sheridan and Erica Crouch have always been big believers in the business of self-publishing. Now, they have teamed together again to to form Weapenry, a well of resources for writers looking to make the most of their writing career.

Indie authors are talented, tenacious, and absurdly creative. But going it alone can sometimes be tough. Here at Weapenry, we want to help writer reach their full potential. Independent authors shouldn’t feel in competition with one another: a rising tide lifts all boats. With nearly 20 titles to their names, Sheridan and Crouch want to share what they’ve learned.

Want to learn how to induce some “word magic” into your manuscript? Need advice on editing? Or maybe you’re tired of the same old ineffective marketing routine and are looking for something to inject in your plan to revitalize old titles. Whatever your publishing need, Weapenry is here to help!

What can you look forward to in the future with Weapenry?

  • Nonfiction books on writing, publishing, and marketing
  • Free content and advice from industry professionals
  • Online seminars
  • And more to come!

Needless to say, we’re excited! So head on over to Weapenry.com and see what we’ve been working on!

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