Q1: When did you first start writing, and who was your inspiration for getting your work out there?
A: I started writing really early in life. Throughout school I had always loved short story and creative essay writing. The earliest I remember writing is about 10 years old. Reading Twilight made me think, “that’s what I want to do.” Other than that, my grade 9 English teacher was self publishing and that was the moment I thought I, “Woah! I can actually do this! There are other options for me to look into.”

Q2: What was the first piece of work you ever published for people to read? And what made you chose for that piece to be your first?
A: Witchcraft and Monsters is the first large project that I’ve published. I’ve had articles and a short co-authored story that was published. But Witchcraft and Monsters feels different. It’s all mine and it feels real. And it chose itself. I was going to wait until a different project was done. I didn’t even think I was going to publish poetry. But an opportunity arose and l was looking at old projects. It was a project that I finished a year ago. And re-reading it made me feel like it deserved a home.

Q3: What are your favorite poetry collections? The ones you think everyone should read at least once.
A: The Witch Doesn’t Burn in This One by Amanda Lovelace
Why I’m Not Where You Are by Brianna Albers
Wrong Side of a Fistfight by Ashe Vernon

Q4: What are your publishing goals moving forward from here?
A: l have another project on the way. It is a young adult fantasy. And other things in the works. l hope to keep publishing for a long while!

Q5: What are the main themes readers can expect to find in your writing?
A: Magic. Doesn’t matter what I’m writing, magic is always there.

Q6: What is the genre you most like to read when you’re not writing?
A: Young adult fantasy

Q7: Do you have a set process when you write? If so, what is that process?
A: Honestly? whenever and wherever l can write, is my process.And if l need to take a break, I take one.

Q8: Poetry is such a personal genre. What do the poems inside your collection tell us about you as a person?
A: There’s a large section in this collection where l talk about my physical disability and a lot of the sections relate back to that.

Q9: What are your top three strengths you consider yourself to have as an author?
A: 1.I’m good at turning emotions into long flowery sentences. I love metaphors.

  1. Thriller stories. So good that I terrified a teacher in middle school.
  2. I’m incredibly good at forgetting what my characters look like.

Q10: Name anything about yourself completely unrelated to writing, that no one knows about you that you’d love to share with the world!
A: I love mermaids. I have a tattoo of one and everything!

All Brooke wants is to get into an Ivy League school. It’s what she’s been working towards her entire life. Her English teacher, however, seems to have a different plan. A group project worth 25% of the final grade. It’s the perfect way to ruin her perfect GPA. And somehow, it gets worse. She’s paired with James, the son of a local gang leader and resident high school delinquent. She’s prepared for the worst, especially when she has her own secrets to hide, but she might just find that appearances and reputations aren’t everything.

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