It’s time to get to know one of our newest authors! Say hello to Amy Sousa! You can learn more about Amy and her debut novel, Once Upon A Tear, on her website!

Q1: When did you first start writing, and who was your inspiration for getting your work out there?

A: I started writing very short stories when I was six year old, and would bring them to school to read them with my reading buddy. My biggest inspiration when I started sharing my work is definitely Meg Cabot because her books are what got me into reading non-stop!

Q2: What was the first piece of work you ever published for people to read? And what made you chose for that piece to be your first?

A: The first story that I ever posted online is called “Love Unexpected,” which was my Sims story that now resides on Wattpad. My first published work is “Once Upon A Tear,” which I just published this April! 

Q3: Which author or authoress do you consider your inspiration when you write?

A: I have so many! Meg Cabot is still a big one for me, but I love Rick Riordan as well.

Q4: What were your goals before you published your first book, and how have they changed since? Additionally, what current goals do you have as a female author?

A: I honestly didn’t have any big goals other than wanting to hold my own book in my hands, and have a few strangers buy my book! Now that it’s published, my goal is to keep writing whenever I can to keep publishing. I see a lot of female fantasy authors, but not many Latina’s, so it’d be cool if I could one day be recognized as ‘that Brazilian fantasy author.’

Q5: What is your go-to genre when you write?

A: Young adult fantasy for sure. I love epic fantasy, and have also started writing close to the urban fantasy genre, but I throw Greek mythology into the mix.

Q6: What is the genre you most like to read when you’re not writing?

A: I can’t get enough of Young adult fantasy, especially when it involves Greek mythology. I also love reading young adult romances, especially if there’s an adventure.

Q7: Do you have a set process when you write? If so, what is that process?

A: I have a pretty specific process depending on what I’m working on. I have set hours during the week dedicated to nothing but writing, or researching for my writing. I am a big plotter, so I do have the entire story mapped out before I fill in the chapters, mainly to avoid plot holes and inconsistencies. I don’t really know how to answer the question since there is so much involved in my process, but you can always ask me specifics!

Q8: What would be your advice for those looking to follow a process when writing?

A: Give everything a try and see what works best for you. Everyone is unique, so what might work for me or another author might be terrible for you. Don’t let that discourage you. When you find something that works, you’ll know because you will get a lot more writing done. Also try not to second guess yourself. If you write something that you really enjoy, but worry that people might find it stupid, don’t be afraid to take a chance because if you truly love it, odds are others will too.

Q9: What are your top three strengths you consider yourself to have as an author, and how do those strengths help combat any weaknesses you have?

A: Creativity is definitely my biggest strength. Sometimes I’ll dream about something that will turn into a story idea, and sometimes the ideas flow and make for a great story or just filling in the blanks. I also consider my characters to be relatable, because I include elements of my personality and those around me into my characters, and I feel like it helps readers connect with my books on a deeper level. Organization is a very big strength for me, which results in a lot of notes, but it helps during the editing process since I don’t run into many inconsistencies. A weakness is definitely me getting super attached to certain elements of my stories that just need to go, but my organization and creativity skills definitely help me make those changes and keep me inspired.

Q10: Name anything about yourself completely unrelated to writing, that no one knows about you that you’d love to share with the world!

A: I don’t think there’s something no one knows about me! I’m a very open person and have always been. I guess something a lot of people outside of my friends and family wouldn’t know is that I’m a big planner and budgeter. I take saving money very seriously, and I also like to plan everything (with multiple variations) long before I need to worry about things.