A Grimm Legacy was one of the first books Patchwork Press ever published, so we’re very excited to announce the release of it’s sequel, Grimm Memories. We think you’re going to like this one even more than the first!


It has been six months since Quinn and her friends returned home after barely escaping Elorium—but no one ever really leaves the world where fairy tales are born. Not a day has gone by where they haven’t thought about returning to save Jack. Even their dreams are urging them to return to the strange world.

Falling back into the fairy tale world, they find the situation even more dire than the way they left it. Jack has disappeared, and he’s not the only one. Elorium’s citizens are near panic as characters are missing and rumors are spreading about massive creatures roaming the sky. A rising darkness is enslaving the dreamers, and in a land filled with water nymphs and malevolent mazes, it’s hard to find any allies.

Despite the risks of their rescue mission, Fredrick is determined to bring back his grandfather, no matter how personal the cost.


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It’s a busy time here at Patchwork Press with lots of new releases. Puppet by Pauline C. Harris came out last week, Grimm Memories comes out in just two days and on Friday we’ve got the next book in the Ennara series. Angela is one of our newest authors and we couldn’t be more excited about her next book. Be sure to check out book one, Ennara and the Fallen Druid!


When strange accidents start happening around thirteen year-old necromancer Ennara and her friends, she must search for the mysterious stolen artifacts causing the attacks while learning the highest form of magic–the spells that could prevent the fruition of a terrible prophecy.

Learn more at AngelaMyron.com

(and come on, how amazing is that cover)


The first of our three big upcoming release is here! Today is the release day for Puppet by our one and only Pauline C. Harris. Her Pinocchio retelling is already getting wonderful reviews, and we can’t wait to share it with all of you.


About the book:

Penelope lives in a world of advanced technology but many claim society has yet to catch up. Marionettes have advanced in the form of robots; lifelike creations remote controlled to perform super human tasks.

When Penelope makes a deal with Jed, a marionette-obsessed scientist, she doesn’t fully realize what she’s getting herself into. In order for Jed to take her away from the orphanage she lives in, she must first agree to undergo his experiments and tests, ultimately creating something no one ever dreamed possible; the first living marionette.

As Jed shows off his scientific creation to the world, concerns arise surrounding Penelope’s abilities and what she’s capable of doing. Ordered to somehow lessen her abilities, Jed makes a desperate attempt to change Penelope to make her more human, more vulnerable. After Penelope lies to the officials about her past, Jed makes sure it’s the last one she’ll ever utter. The truth is now the only thing she is capable of telling.

As Penelope struggles with her past, her disturbingly new present, and her uncertain future, she is thrust into a magically twisted world of mayhem in search of the one thing she wants, but knows she can never have. The chance to be just a girl again. To be normal. To be real.


Get the book:
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Review snippets:

“It says it’s a retelling of Pinocchio but I think it was more than that. Maybe because it was a orphaned sixteen year old who was becoming a puppet. Was very hard to read some of the lonliness and heartache Pen had went through in the orphanage. How being someone’s experiment was a better alternative. I don’t want to give to much away. It’s more fun being surprised what happens next.” – Amazon reviewer

“I am a fan of fairytale re-tellings, and even though Pinocchio is one of my least favorite stories, I just couldn’t pass up reading this book. And I like it much more than the original tale. Penelope is character that I sympathized more with than a little wooden puppet boy that didn’t know what being alive meant. Penelope grew up in an orphanage, and gave up what being a “normal” human to try and make up for her past sins.” – Pages to Explore

“The author finds such an exquisite and unique plot filled with advanced technology & action and weavers it perfectly with many Pinocchio aspects.”

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The books:

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Make some new author friends and see what they’ve been up to…they may have written your next favorite book. Good luck to everyone and thanks for entering!

EnticeTitle: Entice
Series: Ignite, Book 1.5
More in the series: Ignite (Book 1), Incite (Book 2)
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Action
Published: November 19, 2013
Formats: ebook

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With the aftertaste of Heaven still strong, Pen and Azael cloak themselves in their new demonic destinies, fighting for Lucifer against the angels. Pen, warring against former friends turned vengeful enemies, still struggles with defecting to Hell. But in one short battle, they go from forgotten to famous, thrust into the spotlight where she has no room for uncertainty.

Suddenly top-tiered demons, they’re tasked with seeing through hell’s new agenda: corrupting man. But tarnishing Eden isn’t as simple as they thought it would be, especially when they’re forced to work with another team of demons who are trying to claw their way up the ladder of power.

Entice is an e-novella that prequels Pen and Azael’s story in Ignite.

We love free books, don’t you? You can now read Erica Crouch’s Entice for free — from Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribd, and Inktera. As soon as Amazon catches up with price matching, you’ll also be able to read Entice on your Kindle. Link coming soon!

If you would prefer to read it in another format, though, you can read Entice on Wattpad and follow Erica for bonus content!