Madly DeeplyMadly, Deeply by Erica Crouch 
Published by Patchwork Press, Published June 2014 
Genres: New AdultParanormal,Period PieceRomance 

It was many and many a year ago,
In a kingdom by the sea…

Annaleigh Wells and William Calloway had a love even the angels envied. It was as if the universe spun them toward one another, like the stars crafted their souls to fit perfectly together.

With a wedding on the horizon, fate had a change of heart. Whispered warnings from phantoms and morbid nightmares darkened every night—but even visions of the future couldn’t save Annaleigh.

Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s poem Annabel Lee, Crouch’s period romance Madly, Deeply tells the tale of love so great, it cannot be contained in just one life.

Surprise! Cover reveal!

I would have announced this earlier, but this is kind of a last minute thing, and it’s super exciting/terrifying. So before I get into specifics about this book and the cover, let’s talk about how it came to be…

Madly, Deeply was originally supposed to be the opening story to the Patchwork Press anthology, The Lost Locket of Lahari. I’ve been working really, really hard on it for the past few months, and the other week (after a long day of writing), I finished the story! Yay! Celebrate! Throw the confetti!

Immediately after reading through it once more for basic proofing, I sent it off to my beta readers — Patchwork Press’ new intern, Kara (who is lovely and smart and a great editor), and of course I had to also send the finished manuscript on to Kellie Sheridan. Kellie read through it right away, tore through it on the weekend faster than I ever expected. I got my first email back from her right after she started reading it. It said something along the lines of…

Hey, have you considered making this a standalone story?

And I laughed. Because, no, of course not, this is the story for the anthology that’s supposed to come out in July. And if I made this a standalone, I’d have to write an entirely new story for the anthology. Don’t be crazy. So I told her…

Nah, I don’t think so. I wouldn’t have time to write a new story for the anthology.

And she said…

Are you sure? This would be a great standalone. It’s really good!

So I started thinking. Should it be a standalone? I’d have to flesh out a few chapters a bit more (since I wrote it with the idea of it being novella-ish in length). But I was already double over the anthology word count goal. It wouldn’t take too much more to make it a standalone. The Great Gatsby was only 48k, after all. This story will probably settle in around 55-60k. It could be a great, compact story. That would actually do some service, as it’s based on an Edgar Allan Poe poem — and he’s the master of telling a great story in a compressed style.

I emailed her back…

You think it would work?

And she said…

Yes! Do it! I’m loving it.

So with some convincing, I pulled it from the anthology. (Don’t worry — I’ll still be contributing a story to the Lost Locket of Lahari, I’ll just have to write it super quickly. The good news is, it’s already plotted out. So there’s that.)

I scoured for an image, lucked across a beautiful image of a girl in water, shrouded in purple fabric, and knew it would be the perfect cover for Madly, Deeply. I designed the cover, Wednesday we sent out the reveal invites, and today… The reveal!

Madly, Deeply FULL

Sometimes that’s how self-publishing happens: suddenly, surprisingly, and quickly.

I’m really, really, really excited about this book. I feel like it’s one of my best, and I love the story (and the characters)! I’ve talked about the story a lot on this blog already, teasing linesand talking about the writing process I’ve gone through to put it all together. I can’t wait to release it into the world and have people read it for what it is. Hopefully it makes an impact. It seemed to make one on Kellie. While she was reading the book, she sent me this:


Don’t worry, it’s a good kind of hate you. But to anyone who reads this book: I’m sorry. 🙂 Make sure to add Madly, Deeply to GoodReads, and look for it sometime late June!